India’s Largest FinTech Conclave Is Here: This Time 3X the Scale

In 2016, while Zone Startups’ corporate initiatives were on the rise, the only sector from which there was a tremendous response was the BFSI industry. In spite of being in the interesting domain of innovation and startups, Zone Startups soon realized that the universe of FinTechs in India was a finite number, and almost all corporates were investing time, money, and resource to tap into this FinTech startup ecosystem, which had a finite number of startups. So, instead of launching multiple, parallel partner driver programs, Zone Startups adopted an approach of creating a platform to bring together diverse stakeholders interested in the FinTech ecosystem. While we are increasingly seeing more and more incumbents from the industry and growth-stage FinTechs throng international shores on the sidelines of grand FinTech events – such as Money2020, Paris FinTech Forum, Singapore FinTech Festival to name some – there is enough and more potential to have one of our own global FinTech events right here in India to bring together not only the local ecosystem but also the West and the East, which have had a keen eye and interest in India’s FinTech story.

Fintegrate Zone is modeled on large-format international FinTech events with the aim to make it India’s go-to FinTech festival for the world. The objective is to build and scale a platform that facilitates dialogues, knowledge sharing, exposure, market access, and deal-making. Instead of calling it purely FinTech, we are positioning it more as Fin+Tech as we believe that the future of financial services industry is technology; and we want to be inclusive of large technology giants, incumbents, and other allies to the financial services industry rather than limiting ourselves to only new-age FinTechs.

Here are some of the testimonials from prominent industry leaders on last year’s event shed light on the success of the event:

It was a great experience. Great networking too and then some. Was good to connect with old contacts and make new ones. Will certainly be exploring options with some of the startups I met.– Kartik Jain, Executive Director at DBS Bank

Congrats to the entire team on the success of Fintegrate Zone 2018. The conclave was very well thought through with some very interesting sessions. Could see the planning that went into all elements – session topics, a mix of speakers in each panel and the good quality of companies in the demo day. – Ashish Gangarde, Tata Industries

Fintegrate is now back for its third edition and this time, the event is much bigger - it’s scheduled to take place from February 27 to March 1 at the World Trade Center, Mumbai. Paisabazaar Fintegrate Zone will comprise of six conference sessions – Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Financial Markets, Financial Technologies, and Financial Inclusion. There will be pre-conference workshops targeted at startups, developers, and professionals who are passionate to upskill themselves around the ever-evolving FinTech innovation ecosystem. This year, the concept of Zones is being introduced to cater to the specific needs of each demography like B2B Zone, Investor Zone, Showcase Zone, and Exhibit Zone – X50.\ \ Fintegrate will also host an exclusive startup event called F50. Recognizing startups are the key to a FinTech revolution and, F50 offers innovative FinTechs a chance to network and meet the top influencers and large enterprises in the field to foster innovation, networking, and collaboration among them. Application for F50 will close soon – click here to apply.

MEDICI is once again privileged to be associated with Fintegrate as a Knowledge Partner. We are bringing our FinTech expertise and are proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive report on the Indian FinTech Ecosystem 2019. The report will be a 100-page deep dive into different segments and will also cover new opportunities beyond banking, blockchain, RegTech, and cybersecurity. As part of this exercise, we are working with the best of startups in each of these areas to bring a ground-up view of the impact startups have had on the Indian ecosystem. We are actively seeking sponsors to support this mammoth exercise and if you are keen on being associated with the report, we would be glad to get in touch with you. Click here for more.

What’s more exciting for us here at MEDICI is the presence of MEDICI Studio for the first time in India at Fintegrate 2019! MEDICI Studio has established itself as a premier destination for FinTech insights, delivering high-quality content to a global audience. Check out the latest coverage at some of the largest FinTech conferences such as Money 2020, Hong Kong FinTech Week, and the Singapore FinTech Festival. Are you ready to broadcast your latest message or achievements and educate the marketplace on how you’re solving industry pain points? It’s a great opportunity to film with us and take your innovation to the global audience. Reach out to Lloyd Layton to learn more about this opportunity.

Paisabazar Fintegrate is India’s largest FinTech conclave and will cover discussion on the latest industry topics, provide opportunities to network, act as an enabler for thought leadership, and bring some of the most innovative startups under the limelight. As an established global knowledge network for collaborative innovation in the FinTech industry and a recognized thought leader, the MEDICI Team strongly encourages the readers to take part in a genuinely cooperative program that offers an unprecedented platform for beneficial partnerships on a truly grand scale.

About Zone Startups

Zone Startups is a global brand of tech accelerators and early-stage venture funds, headquartered in Toronto, Canada; with operations in Canada, India, and Vietnam. One of the core businesses of Zone Startups is to build and operate corporate accelerators and innovation programs. Till date, in India alone, Zone Startups has set up over 25 different corporate partner-driven programs, across multiple industries.