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This report on ICOs, while mapping the evolution of the Initial Coin Offering, not only dwells on existing organized investment approaches to ICOs for Retail and Institutional investors but also concerns with the procedure to conduct ICOs for companies.

Table of contents


State of the Global Crowdfunding Market

  • Token Sales & Crowdfunding

  • The Gap

  • The Geographic Reach

Introduction to Tokens

  • What Are Blockchain Tokens?

  • Legality of Tokens – The Howey Test

  • Regulating authority in the US – SEC or CFTC?

  • ICO Legality and ICO Havens

Introduction to Conducting Initial Coin Offerings

  • The 5 Essential Elements

  • Legal Partners & ICO Enablers

ICOs Over Time

  • Volume Vs. Venture Capital Funding

  • Value Raised

  • Blockchain Vs. Non-Blockchain ICOs

  • Token Sale Case studies: BAT & CIVIC

  • Prominent ICOs

The Way Forward

  • Experts Speak

  • VCs & Hedge Funds Mulling ICOs

  • Prominent Crypto Hedge Funds