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Publish date: 1 Jul, 2018
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Bank to the future.

This invitation opened last year’s ABI Lab Annual Report, and effectively represents the heart of the work that Italian banks carried out in 2017 and will continue to move forward with in 2018. We are living in an age of great changes, and these changes are generating an effect on the banking industry and on each of us: in this time, we are changing.

For several years the digital transformation has been the leitmotif of much reflection and, though the process is still under way, we can say that digital services are now a fundamental part of banking services. In other words, banks are increasingly offering digital services to its customers, both as interfaces and in the most significant processes, which are being transformed by the digital world.

While new paradigms with potentially disruptive impacts are nearing and banks are involved in a high number of pilot projects and initiatives, we are seeing certain priorities taking shape, which we have analyzed and studied in the past, in a logic of unceasing linear evolution.

We are looking to the upcoming challenges and leaps forward that innovation will push us to make with an open mind and the ability to govern the change: the phenomenon of FinTech is vibrant and represents an opportunity for transformation for banks that believe in adopting new paradigms of open innovation and pursue them with conviction. At the same time, as a result of the transformations that will be brought about by the introduction of the processes in production based on Distributed Ledger Technology we will consider elements of governance and relationships between the various players in the ecosystem, generating additional paradigm changes.

Lastly, a point regarding geography: nothing happens nowadays that has not be conceived and discussed at European level, to then be implemented and possibly adopted in Italy. We also work as ABI Lab on two geographical levels. This fact is now rooted in our way of working, representing one of those changes that irreversibly changed us.

At this point, I will leave you to read the 13th annual ABI Lab Report on the ICT scenario and market trend for the banking sector, which, as has been consolidated, the results from the surveys conducted over the last few months in the ABI Lab round-tables, as well as concrete accounts, ideas and views of the future that arose during the many opportunities for meeting and dialogue with our Consortium Members.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire work team, starting with the people of ABI Lab, who, however, would have been able to achieve little with-out the contribution of the many experts that constitute our expanded team and who provide extensive contributions to the creation of our common analysis.

My wish is to continue creating the Bank 4.0, which is becoming more clearly de-fined and will take further shape in the upcoming months.