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The LTP 2015 Top X infographic lists the “Top FinTech Events in 2015.”
The infographic talks about diverse segments of the FinTech industry globally. It gives a comprehensive analysis of a variety of events in the FinTech industry in the year 2015.


The infographic gives an overview of the below segments in detail:
- Top FinTech Disappointment of 2015
- Top Breakout FinTech Sector of 2015
- Top FinTech Resurgent Group in 2015
- Top Potent FinTech Segment in 2015
- Top FinTech Anti-Climax of 2015
- Top FinTech “Duh” Moments in 2015
- Top FinTech Sigh of Relief in 2015
- Top FinTech Geography in 2015
- Top FinTech Question Mark in 2015
- Top US FinTech Under One Roof in 2015



Note: Infographics are rich visual representations of information and data intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. An Infographic is a structured outcome of the primary and secondary research conducted by MEDICI analysts in more than 30 FinTech segments. Infographics can be integrated with the corresponding Segment Snapshot, Research Report and Strategic Insight for a more detailed analysis.