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Over the years, robo-advising has been the new form of technology that’s been rising in retail investments and is expected to be the next step in the evolution of asset management and financial decision-making. The robo-advisor space includes online platforms such as Wealthfront, Betterment, AssetBuilder, Covestor, Financial Guard, FutureAdvisor, Jemstep, MarketRiders, Personal Capital, Rebalance IRA and SigFig. These firms develop automated investment portfolios and recommendations for their individual clients. According to a study by Deloitte, these firms grew to ~19 billion AUM by the end of 2014a ~65%-growth from the previous eight months.

“We think robo-advisors are great for our industry because what they do is raise the level of awareness about the importance of being financially responsible,” said Tom Nally, President of TD Ameritrade Institutional.

LTP has come up with a report titled US Robo-Advisor Threat Transforming Retail Investment: A Market Report. According to the report, the present market size of robo-advisory firms in the United States is $14B (AUM). The report also talks about the market size of retail investments in the US, give value chain analaysis and SWOT analysis of Robo-Advisors and Players Landscape.

Below are the key questions answered in the report:

1. What is the market size, market share and market potential for robo-advisors?

2. Who are the major players in the robo-advisory market?

3. Future forecast for robo-advisory

4. What were the recent investments made in the robo-advisory market?


Table of Contents:

1. Evolution of Retail Investment Tools

2. Overview of Robo-Advisors

3. Drivers and Inhibitors for the robo-advisors market

4. Value chain analysis of robo-advisors

5. SWOT analysis of robo-advisors

6. Competitive landscape for robo-advisors

7. Market size, market share and market potential for robo-advisory

8. Players landscape

9. Company profiling

10. Forecast: Robo-advisor market

11. Major investors in robo-advisor companies

12. Recent mergers and acquisitions in robo-advisory