WealthTech – Enabling a Culture of Savings & Investment

In a conversation on the investment culture and how technology changed the way individuals of various lifestyles and ages treat personal finance, Kitty Mccormick, Coutts; Stephanie Gopalakrisna, Pershing (a BNY Mellon company); Scott Johnston, Vanguard International; and Iqbal Gandham, eToro, share insights on how technology-enabled access to easier on-boarding for wealth management services to larger demographics. One of the interesting takeaways from the conversation is that newly acquired easy tech-enabled access to new types of services may lead individuals to short-term focused decisions. To create sustainable impact, technology startups need to encourage long-term goals that will contribute to the future well-being of individuals, building resiliency to hardships of various nature later in life.

However, the balance is required when it comes to returns. FinTech customers are seeking to achieve short-term and long-term goals, requiring platforms to develop a personalized educational side, sharing necessary tools for individuals to achieve their goals in the short and term goals.